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[ImageMagick Examples]

## 缩放图片
magick 2.png -resize 50% 2_half.png

## 图片转换, png 转 jpg
magick 2.png 2_magick.jpg

## 图片转换, png 转 dds
magick 2.png

## 将序列图片 转 gif
magick *.jpg images.gif

## 将gif图片的帧提前出序列帧
magick 1.gif testgif/1_.png


ImageMagick – Command-line Options

magick 2.png -grayscale Rec709Luminance 2_grayscale.png
magick 2.png -colorspace LinearGray 2_colorspace.png
magick 2.png -colorspace Gray 2_colorspace_gray.png


ImageMagick – Image Formats

## 生成棋盘格
magick -size 640x480 pattern:checkerboard checkerboard.png

Built-in Patterns

ImageMagick includes a number of built-in (embedded) patterns which may be referenced as if they were an image file. The pattern: format tag may be used via the syntax pattern:name to request an embedded pattern (e.g. pattern:checkerboard). The pattern size is controlled with the -size command line option.

Tag Mode Description Notes
BRICKS R brick pattern, 16x16 BRICKS
CHECKERBOARD R checkerboard pattern, 30x30 CHECKERBOARD
CIRCLES R circles pattern, 16x16 CIRCLES
CROSSHATCH R crosshatch pattern, 8x4 CROSSHATCH
CROSSHATCH30 R crosshatch pattern with lines at 30 degrees, 8x4 CROSSHATCH30
CROSSHATCH45 R crosshatch pattern with lines at 45 degrees, 8x4 CROSSHATCH45
FISHSCALES R fish scales pattern, 16x8 FISHSCALES
GRAY0 R 0% intensity gray, 32x32 GRAY0
GRAY5 R 5% intensity gray, 32x32 GRAY5
GRAY10 R 10% intensity gray, 32x32 GRAY10
GRAY15 R 15% intensity gray, 32x32 GRAY15
GRAY20 R 20% intensity gray, 32x32 GRAY20
GRAY25 R 25% intensity gray, 32x32 GRAY25
GRAY30 R 30% intensity gray, 32x32 GRAY30
GRAY35 R 35% intensity gray, 32x32 GRAY35
GRAY40 R 40% intensity gray, 32x32 GRAY40
GRAY45 R 45% intensity gray, 32x32 GRAY45
GRAY50 R 50% intensity gray, 32x32 GRAY50
GRAY55 R 55% intensity gray, 32x32 GRAY55
GRAY60 R 60% intensity gray, 32x32 GRAY60
GRAY65 R 65% intensity gray, 32x32 GRAY65
GRAY70 R 70% intensity gray, 32x32 GRAY70
GRAY75 R 75% intensity gray, 32x32 GRAY75
GRAY80 R 80% intensity gray, 32x32 GRAY80
GRAY85 R 85% intensity gray, 32x32 GRAY85
GRAY90 R 90% intensity gray, 32x32 GRAY90
GRAY95 R 95% intensity gray, 32x32 GRAY95
GRAY100 R 100% intensity gray, 32x32 GRAY100
HEXAGONS R hexagon pattern, 30x18 HEXAGONS
HORIZONTAL R horizontal line pattern, 8x4 HORIZONTAL
HORIZONTAL2 R horizontal line pattern, 8x8 HORIZONTAL2
HORIZONTAL3 R horizontal line pattern, 9x9 HORIZONTAL3
HORIZONTALSAW R horizontal saw-tooth pattern, 16x8 HORIZONTALSAW
HS_BDIAGONAL R backward diagonal line pattern (45 degrees slope), 8x8 HS_BDIAGONAL
HS_CROSS R cross line pattern, 8x8 HS_CROSS
HS_DIAGCROSS R diagonal line cross pattern (45 degrees slope), 8x8 HS_DIAGCROSS
HS_FDIAGONAL R forward diagonal line pattern (45 degrees slope), 8x8 HS_FDIAGONAL
HS_HORIZONTAL R horizontal line pattern, 8x8 HS_HORIZONTAL
HS_VERTICAL R vertical line pattern, 8x8 HS_VERTICAL
LEFT30 R forward diagonal pattern (30 degrees slope), 8x4 LEFT0
LEFT45 R forward diagonal line pattern (45 degrees slope), 8x8 LEFT45
LEFTSHINGLE R left shingle pattern, 24x24 LEFTSHINGLE
OCTAGONS R octagons pattern, 16x16 OCTAGONS
RIGHT30 R backward diagonal line pattern (30 degrees) 8x4 RIGHT30
RIGHT45 R backward diagonal line pattern (30 degrees), 8x8 RIGHT45
RIGHTSHINGLE R right shingle pattern, 24x24 RIGHTSHINGLE
SMALLFISHSCALES R small fish scales pattern, 8x8 SMALLFISHSCALES
VERTICAL R vertical line pattern, 8x8 VERTICAL
VERTICAL2 R vertical line pattern, 8x8 VERTICAL2
VERTICAL3 R vertical line pattern, 9x9 VERTICAL3
VERTICALBRICKS R vertical brick pattern, 16x16 VERTICALBRICKS
VERTICALLEFTSHINGLE R vertical left shingle pattern, 24x24 VERTICALLEFTSHINGLE
VERTICALSAW R vertical saw-tooth pattern, 8x16 VERTICALSAW
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